Our history

Luce Caponegro

Symbol of sensuality and the most free-range transgression , iconic character of the analogue era, Luce Caponegro - aka Selen - was, at the turn of the millennium, the " woman of desires " of many generations.

Elegant, cheeky, always authentic in her approach to life, her wine is a tribute to her still intact beauty , to the vibrant memory of a Goddess in flesh and blood who, with the courage of Joan of Arc, defied censorship and taboos contributing - in an Italy hostage to respectability and hypocrisy - to raise the bar of common sense of decency.

Intense like a red wine, sparkling like a pearly white, Selen has attended several sommelier courses and today, after a laborious journey of research in the wine world, she has decided to produce a wine of her own.